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Applying High-End Retouching To Models

You might wonder how you can make someone look great in a photo. The High-end retouching recipe includes the clone tool (for no wrinkles), the liquefy tool, contrast increasing (for a more powerful makeup or hair) and, maybe, a Gaussian blur. It may seem a simple process, but, as Leonardo da Vinci would say, “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”. In other words: not easy. It is not easy to remain clear and precise while making sure you will not avert from working on a natural and attractive look in your photo. Even if you eliminate flaws and imperfection, fuzzy sections will not just go away that easily. Keep in mind that you have to select at least two textures to avoid this, one texture will only make the person’s skin (from the photo) look too smooth. People will easily see that the picture is not at all natural. To give more light or to darken colors, try to create an editing layer.Any transparent ones will just brighten your colors, but the texture will remain the same. No alteration will happen. If you apply a mask on the section you want to alter, you will gain the necessary effects around that specific area.There are multiple reasons why you should opt to create new layers. For instance, you can add highlights to your image or adjust all the blending you make.

And there is one more tip you should pay attention to when it comes to making your photos look better: mingle with the contrast between the photo elements and the photo itself. You will definitively draw some attention and it will look like an active picture. The contrast can be set manually using the automatic lighting tools, but you will want to create a different layer to prevent an unwanted result. Because this action can ruin the details from your photo.Don’t change something in your work without making sure that you can always come back to a previous action.


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