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Avoiding Over-editing with Photo Editing Services

The key to learning how to use photo editing services is to learn self-restraint. There are dozens of tools at your disposal when you begin to use this technology, but the more elements you add to an image, the lower the overall quality of the presentation will be. You want to preserve as much of the original image as you can, and only add elements that improve the look of these features, rather than masking them.

Creating Smooth Edges

If you are using photo editing services to create a clipping path, you want to find the balance between creating an edge that is clearly defined and making your edge look choppy. You want to put anchor points in any areas where the direction of your line changes, but not so many that every pixel out of place is noted in your final presentation. Draw gentle arches and cut the difference between the pixels that fall on the edge of the object and those which define the background.

Sharpening the Colors

Once you have drawn your edge you want to smooth out the rough patches. A blending tool can help you eliminate the shadowing around your object that is caused by the carryover pixels. You can also add a defined edge to your object by using the sharpening tool to darken the pixels around the object.

Using this effect slightly will bring an object forward so it stands out against the background. If you increase the effect of your edge you can create a border around the object, which can be useful if you plan on creating a cutout that does not have a defined background. Play around with your photo editing services to determine which effect you like best and which is the most appropriate for the finished product you want to create.


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