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Photo Masking

Our company is dedicated to delivering quality images: To which, there are times our team do feel that photo masking will deliver the best results. Photo masking is ideal for images that cannot be isolated using standard clipping paths: Often because the edges of the object needing to be isolated are fuzzy or the outlines are complex. We have a skilled team of graphic designers able to apply the latest Photoshop clipping mask techniques that will ensure high quality results are achieved. With photo masking we can remove the background and isolate complex images without any great loss of detail – So for companies dealing with detailed imagery, our photo masking service is absolutely ideal.

Clipping masks can create sharp and smooth outlines, which produces highly professional results. In a modern world, image counts: This is particularly so in the world of e-commerce. Our photo masking service is utilized by a cross sector of companies around the world: From large e-commerce websites to publishing houses and marketing companies. When image counts, a lot of companies are counting on us – And these are just some of the reasons why.

Competitive Rates

Our Company is based in the UK. However, our team of photo masking experts is based in India. This means we are able to offer quality service at extremely competitive as well as cost-effective rates.

Dedicated Service

We are committed to building long term, ongoing business relationships with our clients. To which, every client has a dedicated project manager; ensuring the quality of the work produced is consistently high and (of course) delivered on time.


With a dedicated team of experienced graphic artists and managers at hand our clients can wholly rely on our team to deliver quality results time and time again.


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