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Understanding Prepress Services

Prepress services are any photo editing techniques that are used to prep an image for publication. An editing team typically has a set of go-to elements that they will apply to every photograph so that they can finish this task quickly. Prepress editing usually needs to be done on a tight deadline so most elements performed here are quite basic compared to other photo editing techniques.


An image must be set to the proper size to meet the needs of the publication. If this is not known then the editor may create a variety of images for the client to choose from. This prevents the client from having to resize the image after it has been edited since this can undo some of the editing work that was done during the prepress services.


Lighting, saturation and other color elements must be on point so the image can be published at its full potential. Editing done here will vary based on the quality of the image and the desired effect the client desires. The editor will start by removing any color errors that were the result of an error during photography and move on to adjusting any additional artistic elements that may be required.

Adding Graphics

Some clients use prepress servicesto add graphics to the image. Most often, this technique is used to embed a caption in the image, which will both serve as a way to describe the content of the image and give credit to the photographer. Publications may also add a title or a data chart to the photograph to enhance the content.

Converting the File

Most edited photo files will need to be converted to a specific data type before they can be fitted into the final presentation. The photo editor will usually take care of this concern so that the finished image can be used as-is.


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