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Working with Digital Photo Editing Services Online

With high speed internet available all over the world, digital photo editing services are easy to find. These services are often inexpensive, allowing companies to make high quality changes to their photographs that will increase the overall quality of any presentation you produce. Photo editors can perform basic tasks such as cropping or adjusting the contrast of a photograph. You can also hire a photo editor to perform advanced retouching such as using a clipping path to embed an object in a new photograph. Rates are often quite reasonable, making it easy for you to explore different editing options without blowing your publication budget.

If you plan to work with digital photo editing services you will need to determine how they conduct business. It will be your responsibility to establish a comfortable working relationship so you can get the quality photographs you had envisioned.

• Ask what file format your editor works with to ensure that your photos can be sent and opened without difficulty.
• Confirm a drop box location where you can send and receive images. Ensure that you are using software that can hold a lot of files and has a high level of security to protect your digital property.
• Use online chat software or email to confirm any instructions necessary to complete the editing project. Make yourself available to your photo editor to clear up any questions along the way.
• Set clear deadlines so all images are returned in time to be used in your publication.

Establishing a Solid Contract

Unfortunately, any time you share images online you run the risk of having your property copied or stolen. A reputable photo editing service will do everything they can to protect their client from this risk, but you should take precautions on your own to ensure that your photographs are not used without your permission. Draw up a contract with your photo editor that outlines any potential repercussions if your images go missing or wind up in the wrong hands. Your editor should have a standard contract available that you can use to start these negotiations.

You will also need to determine an appropriate schedule to make payments for any services offered. Your contact should outline any payments that must be made up front as well as a final deadline for your payments to be made. Agree on any terms that would leave you exempt from finalizing payments. If you are working with a digital company, determine a safe way to exchange these payments. Using an online banking resource such as PayPal is often recommended, particularly before you have established a working relationship with a photo editing service. This eliminates the need to exchange personal banking information that could be stolen.


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